Sub-Freezing Barge Wash – The Waterways Journal Weekly, February 28, 2011

Waterways Journal Sub-Freezing Barge Wash

Mt. Vernon Barge Service, Ohio River Mile 828, and MVBS Jeffersonville, Ohio River Mile 596.7, are offering the immediate availability of cargo box heating, allowing for barge cleaning in even the most severe weather. Historically, barges have remained moored in fleeting for long period of time in extremely cold weather, awaiting a window of warmer temperatures and the washing required prior to their next haul. The addition of four 650,000-BTU barge heaters — two per location — makes the washing and cleaning of barges when the temperature falls well below freezing a reality. Currently, few Ohio River facilities offer this service, which can dramatically speed up the barge group reassignments related to bulk materials, especially pig iron, scrap metals, and cement. The enormous heaters are lowered in the barges via crane. “Even with the outside temperatures in the teens, it’s a balmy 70 degrees inside one of those heated barges during the cleaning process,” said Way MacDonald, chief operating officer over both facilities.

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