Indiana Senate Considers Bill That Would Provide Tax Credit For Terminal Development – The Waterways Journal Weekly, Vol. 124 No. 47 February 21, 2011

Waterways Journal Weekly Senate Bill

By David Murray

A bill currently working its way through Indiana’s Senate would give companies that implement Homeland Security requirements and/or contribute to “increased transportation volume, warehousing upgrades, logistics improvements, as well as airport, rail, truck and river terminal development” a 50 percent tax credit.

Indiana Senate Bill 222 is named the “Hoosier Transportation and Logistics Tax Credit.” It has an enthusiastic supporter in Don Miller, president of TPG Marine Enterprises and Mount Vernon Barge Service, who was invited to testify before the Indiana Senate Homeland Security, Transportation and Veterans Affairs committee January 25.

“As an owner of an Indiana-based logistics and transportation company operating in the often forgotten maritime cog of the Indiana logistics machine, we in the maritime industry…are here to express our strong support for Senate Bill 222,” Miller told the committee.

Miller said his company invested almost $3 million in new access roads, yards, building, dock equipment and machinery at Jeffersonville, Ind., during 2010. “In just our short time in operation, many shippers have commented that the availability of these services immediately adjacent to the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville has made their ability to access Indiana markets much more cost-effective, and we are already seeing a drastic increase in the number of barges entering the harbor.”

The bill passed the committee with a 9-0 vote, but is still being considered in the full Senate. If passed this year, it would take effect next January 12.

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