M/V A.W. Bayer
M/V Marty B
M/V Sidney Rene
M/V Marla Diane
M/V Jeffrey Lynn
M/V Jim Butry
M/V Alexa Claire
M/V Brandi Ann
M/V William Joseph
M/V Lois Elane
M/V McKenzie Michele
M/V Captain Bill
Mt. Vernon Barge Service has twelve towboats to meet all your needs, serving more than twenty docks in the Port of Indiana - Mt. Vernon harbor area, and including terminals at Uniontown and Henderson, Kentucky.

Mt. Vernon Barge Service also offers out of harbor trip services for barge pick up and delivery.

Mt. Vernon Barge Service maintains a 24 hour a day closed harbor with space to accommodate over 500 barges year round. We maintain a liquid/petroleum (red flag) barge fleet capable of holding 15 barges which is secured around the clock 365/24.

For more information, please contact:

Wayne McDonald, Chief Operations Officer
Eric Wolfe, General Manager
Mt. Vernon Barge Service
Email: w.mcdonald@mvbarge.com